Creating PEACE with food, means making PEACE with your life.

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Creating peace with food means making peace for your life

The yearning to find peace with food is usually a palpable one. When women speak about their motivation to stop struggling with food, find a weight that works for them, stop bingeing, and feel healthy and fit, the energy is usually intense. When you struggle with food, the wish to find peace—permanent peace—usually runs pretty deep.


No more diets. Pants that always fit. Feeling confident that your weight is going to be about the same as it was last week or last month or even last year. Peace with food means that food, weight, or your diet is not the first thing you think about when you wake up or before you go to bed. Peace with food means that sometimes the chips go stale and the leftover candy gets forgotten in the back of the cupboard.


Because the food is no longer that important.


Peace with food is definitely possible. But in order to get there, you have to go beyond the food. And in order to do that, many women need to come face to face with something much bigger.


In order to make peace with food, you must make peace with your life.


Many women say they want peace with food and an end to yo-yo dieting. They say they’d do just about anything to achieve it. But the truth is, many women are trying to stop overeating without changing anything else.

It doesn’t work.


“I am lonely, and I can’t do anything about it—so I eat.”

“I don’t have time to eat lunch and then I come home and binge.”

“I’m dealing with people who are angry and unreasonable. How do I make that okay?”

“I need someone to hold me accountable.”

“I’m busy from the time I wake up until I go to bed. There is no time for me. Food is my comfort. How am I supposed to stop eating?”

I hear these on a daily basis when consulting with new and existing clients..


Peace with food isn’t really about food. Oh, on one level it is. It’s about feeling in control and effective and able to make choices that are in your best interest. It means (usually) not choosing foods or portions that leave you feeling uncomfortable or sick afterwards. It’s about you (not what’s on the plate) having the power and the control. But I hope you can see that I’m talking about so much more than food here.


Food only loses its power when we own our own power and stop using food as a band aid. Too often, food is the quick fix for things that we are not willing (or are too fearful) to address directly.


No food plan in the world is going to help the women above with their loneliness, their unwillingness to take time for themselves, their struggles with assertiveness, and their ability to ask for help. These are really gnarly difficult parts of life to wrestle with. Honestly, fighting with the chocolate chip cookies (and even feeling guilty when you lose), can feel a lot less daunting. It’s easier (in the short run) to stay on the diet roller coaster than it is to make peace with food.


Peace with food requires making peace with your life. And sometimes that means creating a life that you can feel peaceful with. Learning to say no. Addressing the difficult relationships. Finding ways to take good care of yourself and sometimes putting yourself first. It means addressing the places that may feel scary: loneliness, fear, worry—even boredom. Taking risks that you might have been putting off taking for years. It’s hard stuff to swallow, but the payoffs can be huge. Creating peace with food really does have the potential to transform your life.


And before you get too overwhelmed, please remember that there are real tools (that work much better than diets) to help you do all these things. All of these challenges get more manageable and less terrifying when you find someone to help you through them—and when you take them on in small, palatable bites.


So, imagine again that your pants always fit and your weight stays where you want it to. That you don’t diet, and you don’t binge, and  you generally make good choices. And this time understand that it happens because you’ve looked the loneliness in the eye and gotten the help that you need to change it. You’ve learned to stand tall and speak up on your own behalf. You aren’t ending the day feeling exhausted and used up and like you don’t have the energy to do more than open the ice cream.

So, when would NOW be a good time to make a change?

Whether you are weighing your turkey or shoving 10 donuts down your throat… have BONDAGE.

But there is a solution. Jesus is our ultimate healer, but He expects us to do the work and has provided us some tools. One of those tools is our plastic brains!

We can create new neuropathways, and re-condition and heal our brains and our bad habits!

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You’ve rebalanced your life. You’ve done the hard work. You’ve unleashed your inner champion. That’s what it takes to make peace with food.

You are a champion, charge full force ahead!

Make it a great day!

In His Love,




Win a $50 Lululemon Gift Card?

Good Morning Friend

We are getting closer and closer to our retreat!! We have had a steady flow of people sign up! Just yesterday a friend I met on facebook who lives in Florida signed up, booked her flights and is ready to come and break free to live her best life!!
I know you all like to win things and are competitive!! So, I thought I would make things interesting!
For the person who brings the most friends, you will WIN this $50 Lululemon gift card! I sort of have an addiction!!! Best clothes ever!
So, who are you going to bless and get them to the retreat? Here is a snapshot of our agenda!
This retreat will help you loose all chains, re-condition your brain and be transformed by the renewing of your mind!! IT IS THE RENEWED mind that allows you to walk in your inheritance!!
Here is a sneak peek of our agenda for AT THE WELL RETREAT….
Friday Night- Meet and greet- eat dinner, first group session
Gather information- Talk- What beliefs and values..or what story have you told yourself that has prevented you from having the life you deserve?
Restorative Holy Yoga & guided meditation.
Saturday morning! Power Holy Yoga- Guided meditation
Message:WE get what we tolerate-
Relationships- Heal the girl and the woman will appear.
Vision for your relationships.
Activity: Team challenge course: Journey into the woods to experience our custom built
challenge course, where your group will enjoy bonding over
activities that promote unity, trust, communication and
Guided creative visualization workshop
Brain Detox workshop
Holy Yoga- Restorative- Guided meditation
Sunday Morning: Transformation day!Re-design your life and destiny.
Worship and message:
Guided affirmation workshop-
Get signed up today- SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE
Cant wait to see you AT THE WELL!!
Your Sister’s At the Well!
Rachel, Robin, Sandy and Wendy!

Friend…Riding the fence will only make your crotch sore!

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Let me preface this message by saying that the TRUTH always comes from a place of LOVE. And I love you, and the Lord gave me the gift of exhortation. I am intense, no doubt but it is because I have this great desire to see you FREE….INDEED.
The world is conformed to the “I’ll think about it” disease. Or the disease of saying, “Yes, I will be there, but you don’t show up”. That is a character issue that I will address at a later date. Everyone has junk. You are not in life where you should be because you have been sitting on the fence thinking about stuff….opportunities, parties, those “things” that someone has invited you too…You are going to look back 2,4 10 years from now and be in the same place you are today…you are a not a tree.
I say YES, unless it is illegal or immoral. I have a friend named Lita that I fell in love with day one because me, a stranger at the time, invited her to an event via facebook message and she responded YES the minute she got the message. I dig people like that! The coachable ones.  We move much farther in life, in love and in business when we shoot ready aim.  We are leaving for our national success school in Dallas tomorrow. We said YES the minute we knew the date, purchased our ticket, but had no idea at the time who would care for our kids or our dogs. Still today I am working on details of who will get Carli on Friday. But, that is the power of commitment, I know it will work out, its a LAW of the universe!
So, why haven’t you signed up for the AT THE WELL RETREAT YET? Do you think you have arrived? and you don’t need it? Then you need to sign up!  Not sure about details like kids/animals etc….no worries, just commit, pay the investment, it will all work out!
God rewards those who seek HIM first and do the things that others won’t do, like invest in THEMSELVES!
You missed the early bird…..BUT, if you respond to this email in the next 72 hours, and bring a friends You will not only get early bird, but your friend will also. Below is a rough draft of our agenda!
Here is a sneak peek of our agenda for AT THE WELL RETREAT….
Friday Night- Meet and greet- eat dinner, first group session
Gather information- Talk- What beliefs and values..or what story have you told yourself that has prevented you from having the life you deserve?
Restorative Holy Yoga & guided meditation.
Saturday morning! Power Holy Yoga- Guided meditation
Message:WE get what we tolerate-
Relationships- Heal the girl and the woman will appear.
Vision for your relationships.
Activity: Team challenge course: Journey into the woods to experience our custom built
challenge course, where your group will enjoy bonding over
activities that promote unity, trust, communication and
Guided creative visualization workshop
Brain Detox workshop
Holy Yoga- Restorative- Guided meditation
Sunday Morning: Transformation day!Re-design your life and destiny.
Worship and message:
Guided affirmation workshop-
MAKE NO EXCUSES AND GET SIGNED UP! Excuses are the bricks that build your house of failure!
See you at the well!!
In His love and Truth

The Path to your happiest life is in this blog! Read NOW!



The Easiest and fastest way….in my opinion to live your best, happiest life is to learn how to think in the now and be in the NOW. TO BE PRESENT. In our ministry, we focus on the trinity of mind/body/spirit. We teach/train mindfulness and meditation. “You don’t have to “believe” anything to learn how to breathe. If you’re breathing, you’re meditating. The breath is THE vehicle to return you to your self. Return to the moment when things get anxious and intense. When you return to your breath, you return to your values, your priorities and your intentions. There is a moment we realize we’ve been distracted and disconnected, and that is where kindness, love and compassion come in. Especially self-compassion because the only way to return to the moment is through and act of self compassion. In those moments we remember what it feels like to have a non-interfering awareness and we take that ability to be interested in our own experience. Rather than get lost in it, we take that compassion to our emotional world.”
At this retreat, we will teach you how to become attached to and be content in the moment.
This weekend will be packed full of life changing tools to get you on your way to SHALOM AND FREEDOM!
Here is a little video of our winter retreat!
People spend their money on what they value. Do you value YOU? If you do, then get signed up! If you don’t….then GET SIGNED UP! Because you are worth it!
In His Love

15 signs that your body is toxic and BYA Yoga

Toxins are all around us. Did you know the number 1 cause of toxicity is medication? What a country, right? Clean living is Pharma’s new enemy. It used to be “an apple a day” would keep the doctor away. The recommendation now is an aspirin. It turns out, however, that an aspirin a day for at least 5 year’s increases a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer by 80 percent. Then if you get breast cancer, more than likely they will prescribe you Tamoxifen which increases your chance of incidence and death from uterine cancer. They now prescribe cancer medicine for Irritable bowel disease…….I said, “Thanks, but no thanks”. Everyone who has what I had, and choose the medicine, continue to be sick. Why? Because it just bandaids, it doesn’t heal. That keeps the residual income coming you see, and I’m all about residual income because we have one, but not if it is going to kill people…..I choose natural supplements, you can contact me privately and I can share my way, which will save you about $1,000 a month. (That is what I was going to have to pay If I took it) That is after insurance. Yoga, meditation are huge. And mindfulness. We made be genetically pre-disposed to these things, but it is up to us if we want to switch that gene on. But, be assured if you did switch it on, and can be switched right back off!

The goal to a healthy life is to be free of toxins.
Here are the symptoms of toxicity:
*Anxiety- and they will give you a pill
*Eyelid, face, or muscle twitching
*Digestive issues- again, they will give you a medicine
*Dizziness- Yep, a medicine
*Muscle and joint pain- a medicine
*Sensitivity to sound
*inability to concentrate (brain fog)
*Hormone deregulation-You know you are getting a prescription for this one! Certain Yoga poses actually get those glands to work on their own!
*Cold hands and feet
*Tinnitus(ringing in the ears)
*Sleep problems- you will get a prescription
*Overweight and weight-loss resistant

The most common drugs sold in the U.S today, and possibly the most toxic to your system, are anti-depressant medications. I don’t have enough time to list all the side effects.

Our bodies were created wonderfully and beautifully! and it was created to heal itself, but we must remove the interference. When your body is working at it’s optimum level- healing and functioning normally- your body is made to process and remove certain amount of poisen, but not the amounts in “modern” western living.

My focus is on depression and anxiety. I created a yoga practice called BYA Yoga (beat your anxiety Yoga) It is a yoga practice designed to help you heal and deal with the anxiety without having to put toxins aka: medication in your body. We do lots of twists, which de-toxify and we will get a little sweat going on, which will de-toxify. We will also help you with your nutrition too. Starting with a cleanse.
We are about healing….mind, body and spirit. When all are healed, you live the most full life…abundantly spiritually, physically and yes, financially and a long life!

Our next retreat is in August. I will place link below with information and dates/place, etc.
We will be doing BYA Yoga, you will leave with tools not only for being toxin free, but you will leave FREE….PERIOD.

reference: Cruise ship or nursing home- Dr. Ben Lerner, Dr. Greg Loman, Dr. Charles Majors, Dr. Chris Pellow and Dr. Eric Shuemake.

Do you feel like there is more to life, but you don’t know what it is? Open to reveal the path to purpose!

HI Friend!

Are you at a point in your life where you feel like you don’t really know who you are? Do you often feel lost or confused about your life? Do you wish you were being more of who you are and working in the field of your passions? Have you ever thought about what life means to you? Are you often doubtful of yourself? Do you hear that little voice inside of you, but logic overtakes you? Do you want to feel free to do and express anything you want? Do you feel like there is more to life, but you don’t know what that is? I was there too….then I decided, I didn’t want to feel like that anymore. But what I learned is that we are conditioned as children. We are conditioned to our environments. Just like an elephant who is tied to a stake, and in all it’s power it can rip it right out of the ground, it doesn’t, because it has been tied to a stake as a baby and as a baby it could not pull out the stake. BUT the good news is, our brains are plastic and can change. At the retreat you will learn that you were designed for greatness, and the only obstacle is YOU. It’s YOU vs. YOU. You can be re-conditioned for success. There is so much more to life than what most people are living. Just having a sense of purpose will increase your life span by years!! Sign up for this life-changing Retreat. You will walk away with a PURPOSE AND A PLAN WITH TOOLS! A worthy investment in yourself! We are going to dig deep! Do some Holy Yoga, and have some fun too!! All your food and room and boarding are including in the price! You will also get a t-shirt and journal!
If you not YOU, Then WHO do you know that could benefit from this life changing few days?
Early Bird pricing ends on July 1! Click on link then scroll to bottom. Payment plans available!
The path to peace is paved in knee prints!

Jesus will leave the many to come after YOU.

Good Morning Friend

Have you ever really thought about the Love that your Papa in heaven has for you? The lengths He will go to save you?
You must register online for our fundraiser “A Night at the Well”
and take advantage of the early bird price for our summer retreat!! Payment plan available also!

Remember…we are a 501C charity, so all contributions are tax deductible. And you are helping a wonderful effort!

In His Love,


5 ways to lose your peace.


Do feel like you are always in conflict with a person or a situation? People just are not living up to your expectations? Do you find yourself always confronting people of their faults? You may be losing your peace on a daily basis, and it just ain’t right! Peace is freely given to us because of the sacrifice of our Lord and savior Jesus. It is a “fruit of the Spirit” that comes when you are baptized in the Holy Spirit. 

Jesus promised us peace.  In fact it is one of the last promises He made to his leaders the night before He died.

John 14:27 (NLT)

27 “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.

I hope this finds the right person. Here are the 5 things you must stop doing immediately. 

All of these have to do with control.  Trying to control the un-controllable is a sure fire way to lose your peace. 

  1. Focusing on what other’s are doing, or not doing.  You have no control of this…. let it go!
  2. Guilt and condemnation. The Lord does not want you to carry the weight or your sin any longer. As Jesus said on the cross just before he died, “it is finished” 
  3. Someone offended you. Offense isn’t given, it’s only taken.  This is the devils tool.  Feelings are not dictator’s but In dictator’s. Never react according to how you may be feeling. Hurting people hurt people. When you switch your perspective, you no longer feel offended, but compassionate. 
  4. Letting others control our inner world. Think about the times when you just finished a yoga practice and 60 seconds later you are going beserk thanks to your spouse or your kids or the barking dog. “If only they would act differently.” “It’s all their fault that I’m upset”  am I talking to anyone here??  Stop blaming other’s for your lack of peace and your reaction’s to that lack of peace. Own your shit. You will never be FREE until you own your baggage. 
  5. Self doubt: In the absence of peace, we have a hard time making decisions, and the power of a clear and undistracted mind recedes in the shadow of constant distraction and the complete loss of certainty.  Eventually other things begin to go.  Righteousness gives way to guilt, joy withers as anger and resentment take over our soul.  Love and forgiveness towards others is replaced by a judging and critical attitude.  Our family suffers.  Our work is impacted.  Our health erodes.  Eventually, if we don’t stop the boat and get our peace back a crisis of some kind will force us to stop.  Someone else will have to tow us to a marina for extensive repair work.   And often what it takes to restore us will require a much longer process than would have been necessary had we bothered to listen to the warning signs when they first cried out for our attention.

Satan loves to push us to the extremes.  The enemy wants us to live at the limits of our capacities and make us feel guilty that we aren’t doing “more”.   He wants to constantly add things to our lives and calendars until our arms are so full we can’t see clearly and our progress is halted.  He is a liar….and when you believe the lie, you empower the liar. Stop making it so easy for him to ruin your peace.  

Giving all these things to the Lord in prayer is the answer. 

Regaining your peace and never getting robbed of it ever again can be the key to a long, healthy life. 

A study was done recently by a large American University to study the habits of Centenarians – people who live past 100 years of age.  Looking for common threads of dietary habit, physical exercise, or financial good fortune, the researches came up short.  Their study revealed that these remarkable individuals were made up of men and women, smokers and non-smokers, bacon eaters and fast food junkies, believers and even atheists.  There were virtually no common health habits in the way we typically think of such things.  What they discovered was that the single greatest commonality between those with great longevity was their ability to quickly recover from personal failure, loss, and pain. 

The greatest insult we could possibly give to Our Papa would be to refuse to accept the complete freedom from condemnation He purchased on our behalf with the Blood of His Son. 

I pray you find and keep your peace. It isn’t other dependent, just like Joy. It is in YOU!

In His love



Check out our living water TV that will be launching in May!! “Being still” and having a morning routine of being still on your yoga mat and some healing meditations will help you along the way. Your body will start remembering and it will be automatic for you to walk in the peace that was freely given to you!  for your monthly donation of $30 or more a month, you will get 4 yoga workouts: restorative, yoga flow, power flow and a surprise which will be a mix between a primary ashtanga and a hot yoga. You also will get guided meditations, coaching a my Anti-inflammatory kitchen video’s with some yummy recipes!  Click below!

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You could be interfering with the healing that Jesus is trying to do in your life.



This month we have been focusing on our ministry and the mandate of our ministry which is healing the whole. Mind, body and spirit.
Today I posted a live facebook video on the subject of healing that spirit of un-forgiveness and bitterness. Below is the “mantra” that I have for you to speak throughout your day, as needed. Some of us….(cough, cough) need to do it more than other’s.
Below is link to the video. I hope you will consider partnering with us and we fight this battle that the enemy is waging on the soul’s of our sister’s and brother’s. If you are not in the area, please consider donating to our “Night at the Well” fundraiser, and get signed up for our next retreat in August. It doesn’t matter where you live, the travel will be worth it, I promise!
Here is the link to video and information and donation link for our “Night at the Well”
I want to encourage you to let go of all grievances, resentments and regrets. Saying this out loud either during or after your meditation time/yoga time, or as needed.
This will help you release those toxic emotions.
“Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance or a miracle. I relinquish all regrets, grievances and resentments. I choose the miracle.”
Now think of that person/persons who you are holding a grudge towards and visualize them in your awareness and practice forgiveness. Realize that everyone is doing their best that they know how. Have the intention to forgive others and yourself for any trespasses that may have resulted in pain.
 We are a ministry are praying for all of you.
In His Love,
Your sister’s at the “Well”.
Here is link to get signed up for the retreat!! Take advantage of the “early bird” pricing and there are payment arrangements available also!